I have spent the majority of my life being both artist and photographer. Aside from numerous shows, I also hosted 2 television series on painting.

Dan Saunders Television Series FINE ARTS
(reprinted from the Washington Times)
Dan Saunders has enthusiastically pursued the art of fine portraiture for over 25 years,

creating portraits of striking beauty and accuracy. To Saunders, the highest achievement is not simply in the creation of a great portrait but in achieving an excellent likeness and capturing the subjects personality. A native of Washington, D.C., Saunders has portraits in the collections all throughout the region. His subjects include, mayors, senators, business men and socialites.

Saunders' mural works, especially the recently completed Holy Trinity mural at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Derwood, Maryland, have inspired and touched the hearts of so many. Rev. Johann G. Roten, SM Director Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute University of Dayton said, "Beautiful art.....intriguing and thought provoking....a joy for many faithful and visitors alike.". Premier portrait artist, John Howard Sanden called it, " A Magnificent Mural Project...... insightful......I encourage you to view these pictures of Dan's marvelous mural project. You will be inspired."
trinity mural, st fransis
WRC-TV4's (NBC) I.J. Hudson in Washington, D.C. carried features recognizing Saunders as an outstanding portrait artist. Saunders feels that there is nothing more intriguing or challenging then capturing the life, heart and soul of a subject, and he rises to the occasion.

carmilla, horrorPHOTOGRAPHY
In 2002, I went from 35mm photography to digital. This allowed me the freedom of legally manipulating photographs not only for book covers and web sites, but for motion picture film development progrects. I became most interested in the novella, CARMILLA. At the time, 16 year old model, Rebecca Delawder, became my choice for the title character.

As a member of OMP (One Model Place), I received numerous rewards for my nude photography. It was at this point that I turned my photographic interest to mostely nude photography and modeling portfolios.

Since that time I have expanded my works to include, executive and business photography, head shots, genre photo shoots and so much more.

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